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Trends & Tips: Board Interactions


Board interaction, disruptive directors, CEO succession, diversity, business continuity

and strategic direction are multi-faceted, spawning myriad questions, articles and talks. Numerous articles including several covers, keynotes, and quotes in media affirm our governance expertise.


Directors & Boards, National Association of Corporate Directors, Corporate Board, Conference Board, Fortune, Business week, and Wall Street Journal have featured the CEO Group over the years. For example, “How to Avoid Firing Your CEO” based on the Early Warning Signs© was recognized in 25, 30 & 35 year Director & Boards Anniversary Editions; CEO Evaluation and Selection Today: What Directors Say, NACD cover article; and Corporate Chiefs Polish Relations with Directors, WSJ. Boards frequently seek our guidance on sensitive ethical concerns; as a lead director stated “you truly understand

the need for utmost confidentiality, plus the myriad people and business concerns.” 


CEO Perspective Group Tips: 


  • Don’t surprise friendly peers. If you know you’ll be disagreeing with them, tell them before the meeting.

  • There’s no such thing as too much diligence on issues. Highlight a few sections to demonstrate you’ve studied the issues.

  • Listen effectively, think and pick the right time for comments-plus have the courage to state an unpopular view. Be a value-added director.

  • Meeting behavior counts-study who does it well.

  • Learn “How to Handle Disruptive Directors,” Directors & Boards



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