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CEO Club


Technology, legal, media and personal issues are more complex by the day. We don’t presume to have all the answers, but typically know the best person for the situation. YPO, WPO and other CEO association members are frequently clients who turn to us for the most sensitive business and personal problems.


Our elite group of clients often helps each other on issues, ranging from advice on business in China to finding venture funding to governance matters. Prominent clients, former colleagues, friends, professional and academic affiliations amplify the Group's Golden Rolodex providing a significant advantage to enable rapid achievement of corporate, individual and philanthropic goals. Email us to learn more.


Numerous clients and colleagues, our "CEO Club", helped develop Fast Forward University™ , a unique accelerated training program. Insights from corporate and political stars amplified our advice. Dr. Regina Benjamin, Joel Ospa, Darcy Bradbury, Virginia Gambale, Marie Chandoha, Mark Dowley, Robin Neustein,

Cari Dominquez, Cynthia Cohen and other leaders provided tips on how to ask for a raise, handle a blunder, manage difficult boss/politics and more. Result? More responsibility, rapid promotions, thriving venture and more success.

Dr. Henry Kissinger, Barry Myers, fmr CEO of AccuWeather, The Honorable Barbara Hackman Franklin

Trends, Tips & Thoughts


A board, firm or top executive needs to be a step ahead of the competition to succeed today. If not starting the trend, they need to anticipate and prepare for it. However, like Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan, some issues and advice will always be current. Our work with leaders keeps us at the forefront.


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