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Trends & Tips: Dealing with Difficult People


Dealing with difficult people is a common problem thus we’re cited in hundreds of articles and advice constantly sought. With a brief description, background or email of the person, we can provide a client with the right approach and wording to ensure success of important meeting. A phone call has won the day many times. 


Our understanding of people in diverse settings and conditions is highly valued in today’s rapidly changing world. We often hear “your accessibility is true asset for a global firm.” Whether a client is in another country, traveling or just time pressured, our help is a phone call away.


Tips for Dealing with Difficult People: 


  • Don’t try to change them or be their friend.

  • People don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say. 

  • Little things can mean a lot to people. (Read Understanding Bosses)

  • Learn stress basics—business/weather turbulence, 9/11 and more have taught us the need to be prepared. 

  • Under stress, a person’s dominant traits become more pronounced.

  • Remember if you think someone is difficult, he/she probably thinks the same of you (and there’s always someone with whom they get along-watch for cues.)



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