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Diana Wyenn


An acclaimed director, marketing expert and advisor, Diana Wyenn blends business savvy with creative artistry to rapidly achieve noteworthy results.


Whether premiering a new play, leading a city-wide celebration of the arts, video blogging about living with diabetes, or advising executives many times her senior, she seamlessly combines elements from the business and art worlds to create high-impact, innovative approaches. Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Daily Beast, Fast Company and more, plus praised by Los Angeles’ mayor, Diana’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Her successes are amplified by a compassion for others and bravery in new ventures.


At the CEO Perspective Group, Diana coaches young achievers, entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, lawyers and others who need to make a great first impression, that will

last over time. Her direct, insightful advice on presence and presentation helps people and companies achieve their goals. Areas of focus include finding authentic voice and style, building confidence, cultivating partnerships, securing funding through targeted pitches, and delivering speeches that inspire action.


Previously a marketing and communications expert for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT), she has developed and implemented successful messaging and branding campaigns online and off, connecting these internationally-recognized arts and cultural institutions with key demographics and targeted audiences for significant value-added.


With her BFA in Drama with Honors from New York University, furthered by study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, she also directs, choreographs and performs in thought-provoking theatrical productions which receive audience praise, festival recognition and awards, and critical acclaim from local and national media outlets. The success of these productions has enabled her to focus on directing with 25% of her time committed to helping others succeed.


“I had a break early in my career working for the CEO Group. I learned so much, especially how a few hours could make a significant difference. I am enthused to have the opportunity to rejoin the CEO Group—bringing my unique skillsets as a theater director and marketing expert—and pay it forward.”


With more than a decade of directing experience, and years working with top executives and CEO Group Partners, Diana has the eye for detail and ear for story needed to bring any actor or executive’s performance to the next level.


Based in her hometown of Los Angeles, Diana serves on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space, Steering Committee of Directors Lab West, and for the last couple years has attended New York’s Citymeals-on-Wheels Annual Power Lunch, one of the youngest invitees. 


Diana is also a frequent and happy traveller who loves ice hockey, vegan cooking and adventure.


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