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Impression Management


Impression management is more than clothes, how you stand, or what you say. It combines leadership presence, communications savvy and conveying the right image to the right person or group. Consultants, CEOs, politicians, lawyers, job applicants, anyone in the arts and others appreciate the importance of impressions. The CEO Perspective Group’s work is amplified with the addition of Diana Wyenn. A noted theater director and communications expert, Diana has rejoined the CEO Group to help others make a great first impression that lasts.


Making a good impression is more important than ever. Business today is fast-paced. In this 24/7 global world people are sized up in a glance. Whether you are applying for a job, seeking funding, or meeting someone the first impression you make sets the tone. That first impression is often the lasting impression.


Small things that shouldn’t count do. Research studies find it typically takes seven seconds when meeting someone for the first time to evaluate you. Now it is even shorter. Opinions are rapidly formed based on handshakes, mannerisms and just a few sentences.


Objective feedback is difficult to obtain. No one wants to tell you bad news. Few people provide valuable feedback—even if they recognize the deficits. Even fewer people have the skills to help you identify and correct issues. And if the initial meeting is good, it is important to build on it. To acquire a new customer, funds, establish a relationship or inspire a global movement, you need to create and continually refine a unique, lasting impression.


A few hours of advice can mean the difference. Make a strong first impression that lasts.


Drawing from her unique experience as an acclaimed theater director, Diana Wyenn gives advice on impression management. Her insights on presence and presentation to young achievers, entrepreneurs, and executives across corporate and nonprofit sectors help ensure they achieve their goals. Tailored to suit your individual needs and audience (person or group), Diana’s high-impact, innovative approach includes finding authentic voice and style, crafting a compelling narrative, cultivating partnerships, building confidence, and delivering speeches that inspire action.


Again it doesn’t take long. With only a few hours of advice, she has helped job seekers land that second interview, cultural innovators motivate far-flung audiences, young achievers prepare for that all important presentation, and executive directors secure more funding. Whether refining a former WSJ editor's bio or improving the style of a major bank's head of risk management, Wyenn has quickly and practically enabled clients to reach their objectives.


One never knows when an opportunity will present itself—in a meeting, waiting for a plane, during a conference, or at a little league game—you want to be ready to make a strong first and lasting impression.


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“Diana is exceptional. She helped prepared me for my interview with the private equity owners. I am now leading it.”

35 year-old President of a Growing Tech Company


“Diana understood the importance of our mission. Her insights led to us reframing our mid-year appeal. As a result, we attracted new major donors and substantially increased support from our existing ones… nearly doubling funding.” 

Nonprofit Executive Director


“Like all parents, I want to see my child succeed. Thankfully, with two hours of coaching, Diana helped my daughter walk into her college interviews with confidence and land acceptance letters from all three of her top choices.”

Proud Mother of a Stanford Freshman

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