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Trends & Tips: Leadership Presence


Leadership presence is important for aspiring and current leaders. Few people are natural winners, thus we’ve coached CEOs and rising stars in every field how to quickly evidence leadership. Advice has been featured in media world-wide, favorites include “How to Look and Act like A Leader”, WSJ; “How to Act Like a CEO”, Fortune and “Leading When It Counts” Directors & Boards containing a client’s quote “I’m like the swan, calm on the outside, paddling like mad underneath.” 


Tips for Leadership Presence: 


  • Remedy bad handshakes ASAP as studies show this is considered a major failing.

  • Stand or sit large-CEOs take up space.

  • Eliminate nervous mannerisms, including head-nodding. 

  • To avoid gesturing too much, sit on a hand or switch your watch to another hand as a reminder. 

  • Don’t finish other people’s sentences or use “I” too often. 

  • Learn body language-it will help your own executive presence. 



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