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Trends & Tips: Overscheduled and Not Loving It


Overscheduled and not loving it” was problematic years ago and even more now. Our advice on time management, recovering from a blunder, and communicating a message (illness, praise, or rebuke) enables clients to focus on more significant matters and increase revenues. Advice is practical, direct and tailored to the individual.


Tips for Time Management: 


  • People are better at certain times of day than others, but most don’t realize what, when, and ways to master. 

  • Email over-load can be sharply reduced just by asking employees to indicate whether high or low priority, specifying the subject and describing the issue in the first paragraph.

  • Don’t bury the lead. Ask staff and friends to state purpose at start of email or conversation, and do the same yourself.

  • Know your time drains. If you don't know, get an assessment to see if you're better with time limits, your ability to multi-track, when you need time alone and more.



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