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What They Say


Progressive boards, private equity firms, and corporations hired us for sensitive, "bet your company" decisions when assessment and coaching were relatively unknown. CEOs and other top executives have sought our advice, praised us to WSJ, Fortune,

in keynotes and referred coworkers, bosses, and spouses for decades. We're known for confidentiality. Yet leaders often openly praise us; including Peter Kiernan, Bill Bratton, Barry Myers, Alexandra Lebenthal, Barrie Berg, Mike Paul, Kathleen Camilli, Ed Vick, Eric Chaffin, Phil Ringo, Leslie Frecon, Terry Connelly, Virginia Gambale, Ken Dubuque, Gael Green, David Miller, Tom Stewart, Mike Hehir, Adam Schneider, Bob Kueppers, Jim Johnson, Eric Keshin, Jason Bernstein, Alan Weber, John Cranor, Tensie Whelan,  and many more. Lawyers, star consultants and other advisors seek our advice for their challenges.


"Dee is peerless as consigliere to top executives and boards of directors eager to grow or dealing with sensitive situations. The term 'coach' does not do justice to her uncanny ability to cut to the chase, identifying key issues rapidly, and then to develop effective approaches for navigating through them with grace. Dee and her firm provide a winning combination of psychological insight, pragmatic business judgement, and personal attention, whether operating behind the scenes or on center stage.”

Deborah Midanek Bailey, Board Director & President of Solon Group


"Dee has been an invaluable friend and colleague since 1995. Her work with me as I was leaving a 21 year career with Morgan Stanley provided me with invaluable insights as to what to consider going forward. I always reflect back on her work with me at important career junctures, and never hesitate to pick up the phone and lean on her to develop a perspective on any given career situation. Dee is on a very short list of 'go to' people I rely on for unbiased counsel and advice."

Carter McClelland, Chairman, Union Square Advisors


"I have worked with Dr. Soder through several important phases of my career. I was referred to Dee as a 'high potential.' Our executive team asked her to work with me on establishing 'leadership presence' that was required for executive roles in our company... evolving how I was perceived by others. Wise v. Smart. Next, she was instrumental in guiding me through the politics of joining a new company, and unanticipated dynamics that were a critical in successfully transitioning in a highly visible role. Most recently, I decided to take some risk and assess what I really wanted to do in my next chapter. Dee helped me secure multiple offers, establish a new 'personal brand,' and ultimately transition to an exciting start up. It’s important to embrace change, and to grow personally and professionally through the course of your career. I have been a more effective leader because of our relationship."

Kris Robinson, VP Oracle, formerly ThetaRay & HP Exec


"While I think assessing management is one of our core competencies, Dee is really the expert. Her ability to dig (gently) into areas that might have risked future friction in our relationship with a portfolio CEO was truly valuable. Her deeper insights contributed to a smoother, more successful entry into the investment and greater confidence on everyone's part."

Justin Wender, Managing Partner of Stella Point Capital


"To say that Dee has been instrumental in my career is a vast understatement. Her candid, practical insights and guidance have been invaluable as I moved through the executive ranks in the asset management field, culminating in my selection as CEO of a leading mutual fund company, where I served for 17 years. Dee is unique in that her coaching and advice services grow with her client’s growth. As a CEO and Chair, Dee’s coaching was personally valuable to me, but we expanded our relationship to include senior executive evaluation services as I built out my team. Importantly,

her expert advice regarding Board relations, served me well over the years.

Now that I am focusing on Independent Director Board service, Dee is once again 'spot on' in her guidance."

Barbara Krumsiek, Board Director, Former CEO, Calvert Investments


"All too often today we see enterprises fail almost as rapidly as they start. Mostly due to lack of objectivity, CEO experience or judgment. Dr. Soder provides guidance and answers so often sought. Deep insight and experience with CEO coaching make Dr. Soder uniquely capable in a field filled with the 'idea of the day.' She avoids jargon and platitudes of consulting world, bringing individual guidance that rapidly solves problems for short and long term. It is rare to find her level of expertise. I'm happy I did as a young CEO—helped me throughout my career." 

The Honorable Edward A. Powell, Retired President & CEO of United Service Organizations (USO)


"I just wanted to let you know that you solved the problem I had with one of my managers. She was making my work life very difficult. You diagnosed the problem and offered a solution in less than a minute. I did what you said: overwhelmed her with memos, made sure that she knew every step I was taking, every thought I had, and suddenly the atmosphere was completely different.

Now she is very easy to work with, trusts me, and thus you are responsible for seriously improving my work life."

Rick, Former Top CIA Operative


"The years since Dr. Soder did my evaluation for a prominent LBO firm have been terrific years for me. She helped me during a critical transition point adapt to a group of guys that came from a completely different perspective than I did. The years as CEO for the LBO firm were stellar ones for me, my management group, and our company. All of my management team would count those years as the most enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding years of our lives. Plus, we turned out to be the highest return investment in the firm’s portfolio. Just as importantly, the years since we exited (from the LBO firm) benefited greatly from what I learned from her. We were purchased by Varco International; which was purchased by National Oilwell to become National Oilwell Varco, Inc. In both cases, I reported to the CEO, and two more different styles could not be found. In both cases, I established outstanding working relationships with the CEOs. Even though the LBO firm had received a price 3x our revenues when they sold to Varco, we became the highest return on investment of any acquisition made by Varco or National Oilwell Varco out of more than 100 acquisitions they made building the company that exists today. Her assessment and advice were extremely valuable to this Harvard-educated, Texas oil man."

David Daniel, Retired Division President, National Oilwell Varco




Our Clients


CEO Perspective Group clients are highly successful individuals, leading corporations and their executives, ranging from large multinationals to emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Smaller companies, private equity firms, executive search, and law firms are not listed for confidentiality reasons. Individual clients range widely, from journalists to investors, directors, and highly compensated executives. 

Clients are from nearly every state and continent, including senior and top executives from the following:

AA Royal Academy Trust
American Express
American Medical Association
American Psychological Assn.
Apple Computer
Bank of America
BNY Mellon
Booz & Co. (Now Strategy&)
Calvert Group

Citymeals on Wheels
Credit Suisse Group
Cushman & Wakefield
Davler Media

Deloitte & Touche
Deutsche Bank
Dun & Bradstreet
Equitable Companies
Fidelity Investments
General Electric
Goldman Sachs
Harvard Business Review
Hewlett Packard
Interpublic Group of Companies
JPMorgan Chase
Kurt Salmon Associates
Lebenthal & Co.
Marsh & McLennan
McGraw-Hill Companies
McKinsey & Co.
Merrill Lynch
Menasha Coporation
Morgan Stanley
NBC Universal
New York City Police Department
New York Times
N.Y. Racing Association
N.Y. School for the Deaf

Quest Diagnostics
Rand McNally
Sika Engineering
State of New York

Tiffany & Co.
Time Warner

United Parcel Service
U.S. Congress
U.S. Secret Service
U.S. State Department
Walt Disney Company
The White House
Wolters Kluwer
WPP Group plc
Zurich Group

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