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When the Desire to Excel is in Your DNA

Assessments and advice for the CEO, director, executive or investor who wants to excel. Who don't believe in good enough. Who knows despite any issues they are special—and wants an advisor who acts accordingly. The CEO Perspective Group was created for these clients and focused on them since 1986.  

Years later we still continue to exceed client expectations. Needs of our clients change with work, personal and societal changes. Today the changes are especially challenging-but we are there. Indeed over the decades we are ahead of the curve.

Constant research, focus, plus decades of working with and for leaders is without equal. Passing on their wisdom and advice to clients of all ages, industries, backgrounds and goals has achieved “remarkable results.”

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Dr. Dee A. Soder, Founder

“Country's top executive advisor” 

-Wall Street Journal

"Pioneer of executive coaching" 

- Fortune Magazine

“Legendary advisor”



“CEO's consigliere”



“Best CEO Evaluation & Coaching Firm, USA"

2014, 2015 & 2016


Plus "Top CEO Evaluation & Coaching" 2017, 2018

​- International Wealth & Money Management Magazine

"Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs" 2023

​- The Top 100 Magazine

"In the realm of executive advisement, Dr. Dee Soder stands as an unparalleled luminary, leaving an indelible mark on both individuals and corporations over her decades-long career. Renowned as the founder of the CEO Perspective Group, Dee's influence extends far beyond the boardrooms, earning her accolades in esteemed publications like the Wall Street Journal and Fortune, as well as popular media such as CNN and CBS MarketWatch."     Read More  

Delivering Results for Decades


Deemed “clairvoyant” by Fortune Magazine, Dr. Soder's assessment ability and skills are without equal. A prominent psychometrist years before founding the company, her passion for solving puzzles led to many firsts plus the unique, widely applauded CEO Assessment. Numerous awards and acclaim haven’t dampened her desire to help others excel, nor her dislike of jargon.

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Clients are from nearly every continent, over 40 countries, 47 states and nearly every industry. Thousands have overcome obstacles, found success in next steps, conquered demons, and exceeded dreams. Soder has helped diverse leaders further excel -- discretely and quickly. And is there for the next challenge. 


Assessments and advice are designed to meet client’s immediate and longer term needs. Progress is often achieved same day, solutions frequently in hours -- best is that leaders “rely on lessons for years.” See Testimonials for more. Services are continually refined and improved . Nearly all can now be done via phone and email to accommodate clients. 

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Clients value the Group’s confidentiality, flexibility, client focus, and lack of jargon. Hundreds of leaders in diverse industries, functions, and countries applaud our work. Over 90% of our business is referral-based. Results, not press, are why leading firms and people hire us.

Learn why clients and competitors consistently praise us.

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