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How to Get on a Board

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How to get on a board is a newer interest of clients, but for years we’ve helped dozens of people become and stay meaningful directors. Frequently clients have been recognized as Directors to Watch, are featured speakers at NACD meetings, authors and more recognition. Via our Board Optimization Program nearly all clients seeking to be director achieved their goals.“Board Interview Basics” includes advice from prominent directors

Tips for How to Get on a Board: 

  • Show your willingness to commit time to study, digest and understand the facts, to say yes to tough jobs and challenge assumptions.

  • Define yourself. Know what you bring to the table.

  • Get behind the Looking Glass. Understand what a company needs, now and in future.

  • Be well prepared for formal and informal interviews, from directors and affiliates.

  • Don’t wait until you’re in your 50s or 60s to begin marketing yourself.

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!

  • Diligence counts - before and after you are asked to be on a board.

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