Advice & Counsel: A Step Beyond

Business is complex, rapidly changing and fascinating! Our clients thrive on challenges. Whether a natural winner or educated, experienced leader, at times everyone needs advice or wants confirmation of a strategy. 
Boards, fellow directors and investors, colleagues and friends care, but they can’t be truly objective. CEO Perspective Group partners have been there and understand the multi-faceted issues. Over the years, we have advised over two thousand CEOs and other leaders—working with them closely on major and minor matters across diverse industries, functions and ages. Recent clients have been in top 30 under 30; Mover & Shaker, 2019; a star investor; entrepreneur; lawyer; governance gurus, lawyers, as well as noted CEOs. We’ve lost colleagues but able to continue sharing their wisdom.  
Extensive business expertise, psychological acumen and vast experience enable us to deliver fast, objective and nonjudgmental advice that achieve long-lasting solutions. Advice is practical, highly confidential and works—if we can’t help, we will help identify someone who can. Clients work globally, at all hours, and so do we. We’re often able to solve problems for clients in a brief phone conversation.
Years prior to fame as a “pioneer of executive coaching,” Dr. Soder was advising top executives on critical matters, including interaction with boards, strategy, leadership presence, management and personal issues. Then and now she conducts highly sensitive, confidential CEO assessments and advises boards and private equity firms on necessary steps. Her research and counsel on preventing CEO failure is praised by leading media, governance groups, and clients. 

Our Focus is Clients
The company and practices are designed for them.  Their concerns are ours—thus, we’ve been at the forefront of diversity and Glass Ceiling, leadership succession, CEO evaluation, legal coaching, managing stress, financial turbulence, business disruption, young achievers and best governance practices. Over the years we’ve helped thousands successfully develop, move up, transition and become board directors. We constantly interact with the best and brightest—while working, continually learning.

Almost from the firm’s start CEO Perspective Group Partners were involved in governance, providing advice on numerous matters-from how to handle disruptive directors to board interview basics. We've helped over 35 clients achieve their first board, became a “Director To Watch”, or other honor. They and other clients continue to achieve more.

We’ve advised countless role models-helping them achieve their ambitions, scale the heights, and go a step beyond. Intensely loyal, we have surpassed the expectations of the most demanding executives for decades.  That’s why 90% of our business is referral-based, praise and awards continue.


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Expert Advice When You Need It

CEO Club

Our elite group of clients often helps each other on issues. Clients, colleagues, professional and academic affiliations amplify the Group's Golden Rolodex to enable achievement of corporate, individual and philanthropic goals. 

Numerous clients and colleagues, our "CEO Club", helped develop Fast Forward University™, a unique accelerated training program. Insights from corporate and political stars amplified our advice. Dr. Regina Benjamin, Joel Ospa, Darcy Bradbury, Virginia Gambale, Marie Chandoha, Mark Dowley, Robin Neustein,

Cari Dominquez,Barbara Franklin, Cynthia Cohen, and other leaders provided tips on how to ask for a raise, handle a blunder, manage difficult boss/politics and more. Result? More responsibility, rapid promotions, thriving ventures and more success.

Virginia Gambale, Board Director, Technology Advisor/Investor

Tips & Trends


Over the years, clients have told us that some tips are invaluable.

Client favorites include:

  • Hope isn’t a strategy.


  • At a certain level everyone works hard, everyone’s smart—it’s things beyond competence that count. 


  • Avoid meetings and important decisions on a Friday afternoon.


  • Skepticism is a virtue. 


  • Just tell managers to do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.


  • Have to listen for what’s not being said with conflict-avoiders.


  • Ignore the early warning signs at your peril.


  • Imitate the duck, calm on the outside, paddling like mad underneath.


  • You need to think and act globally. 

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