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Dr. Dee A. Soder 

Founding and Managing Partner

Dr. Soder has been one of the nation’s leading advisors to top executives, companies, law firms and boards for decades. Deemed “the country’s foremost assessment expert,” “CEO’s consigliere,” ”legendary advisor,” and “clairvoyant” by WSJ, Fortune, CNN, CBS Marketwatch, NPR and others, Soder smoothly combines psychological acumen, business savvy, testing expertise, and common sense. She saw the need for a service combining business and psychology in 1986, starting a firm to fill the void. In the process, she pioneered a new industry, executive coaching. Already a successful executive and thought-leader before the CEO Perspective Group, she has helped thousands further excel and confirm that "people count."


At the forefront of CEO advice, assessment, diversity, governance issues and coaching young achievers, Soder is typically a step ahead. Despite numerous awards, she is constantly learning. Like her clients, Soder continues to improve and innovate. Over 90% of her firm’s business is referral-based due to her commitment to results, confidentiality, and clients.


As CEO Perspective Group founder, she advises top management and Boards on a wide range of issues. For 30 plus years Boards and private equity firms have asked Soder to conduct highly sensitive assessments to determine whether to hire or keep chief executives. Clients include law firms, private equity firms, banks, and non-profits, as well as highly successful individuals—the leaders in every field.


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CEO Perspective Group partners, led by Soder, have been prominent over the years.  

  • Over 650 CEO Perspective Group comments and articles in Media, from Wall Street Journal to Croatia

  • Partners authored 9 Books, Advised 21 Best Selling Authors

  • 90% Referral

  • Founded 7 Firms

  • Helped Over 70 Clients Launch Successful Companies, Firms & Non-Profits

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