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Mastering Time

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Time management was hard years ago and much worse now. While everyone has different issues and lifestyles, our advice has enabled clients to control time, focus on more significant matters and increase revenues. Advice is always practical, direct and tailored to the client.

Tips for Time Management: 

  • People are better at certain times of day than others, but most don’t realize what, when, and ways to master. 

  • If certain activities or people are draining, manage times and interaction so you are at your best. 

  • Email over-load can be sharply reduced just by asking employees to indicate whether high or low priority, specifying the subject and describing the issue in the first paragraph. 

  • Don’t bury the lead. Ask staff and friends to state purpose at start of email or conversation, and do the same yourself. 

  • Know your time drains. If you don't know, get an assessment to see if you're better with time limits, your ability to multi-track, when you need time alone and more.

  • Don’t use emails to convey complex or emotion-laded messages. 

  • Memos should have an initial summary, followed by a clear statement of the issues.  Formal proposals should be easy to read, with detailed information in appendices. 

  • Use “reply all” rarely and then cautiously as some programs will also send to bcc’s.

  • Don’t put negatives or harsh critiques in writing.

  • Use spell-check but also re-read your email or memo.

  • Very few people are able to use humor in email or text.

  • Emojis are great, but not everyone is a fan so watch if person uses them -and make sure you select right one.

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