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Tips & Trends


Over the years, clients have told us that some tips are invaluable. 

Favorite Client Advice:

  • Hope isn’t a strategy.

  • At a certain level everyone works hard, everyone’s smart—it’s things beyond competence that count.

  • Avoid meetings and important decisions on a Friday afternoon.

  • Skepticism is a virtue.​

  • Just tell managers to do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.

  • Amazing what you can accomplish when others think it was their idea.

  • Have to listen for what’s not being said with conflict-avoiders.

  • Ignore the early warning signs at your peril.

  • Imitate the duck, calm on the outside, paddling like mad underneath.

  • You need to think and act globally. 

  • Hidden agendas should generally be kept hidden.

  • Wait 24 hours before sending an email you wrote when you were angry.

  • Change is constant-be prepared. Think at least two steps ahead.

  • Don’t give away your trust-its valuable. People need to earn it.

  • Leaders play the hand that’s dealt.

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