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Confidence in the Next Step


Confidential  •  Fast  • Flexible  • Accurate

CEO Perspective Group Assessments are unique, valid and tailored to fit your needs. Using sophisticated forms of testing and interviewing, comprehensive information is collected, individually analyzed and provided to best meet current and future goals.  Whether new insights, fine-tuning, or confirmation the feedback (information) applies only to you, is highly valid, accurate, practical, and immediately usable. When it’s your firm, your board, or you, you need to be sure. That’s why leading firms and people consistently call us - confident the next step is correct. And the step after. 

Boards, companies, investors, and executives praise the CEO Assessment for validity, reliability and nuances. The detailed feedback is applauded by clients for knowledge gained about themselves, their future potential, as well as understanding of others. Dr. Soder’s psychometric expertise, love of challenges and puzzles designed these Assessments to provide highly informative data plus have the experience to be enriching-even fun.

A year of research created this unique multipurpose Assessment, which is continually refined to better meet needs of clients. Clients in distant locales can now obtain valuable insights without travel. And investors are able to learn about several traits without a full evaluation. Decades of experience and technical expertise enable Dr. Soder to combine evaluation and coaching in innovative ways and maintain highest standards. ​

Soder's extensive education and psychometric skills enable valid evaluations of intangible traits, including potential.  Sophisticated interviewing methods, unique “tests” and graphic assessments provide rich information—ascertaining “what if” scenarios, difficulty with others, preclude faking, enrich the experience, and much more. Tom Stewart, then Senior Editor at Fortune magazine, said it best in his review of available assessments.  

Our Assessments are truly special

Clients are from near & far corners of the world, refer partners, investors and spouses. Decades later, clients still base key decisions and actions on guidance received in assessments. Individuals seek our guidance on minor and major matters.  People seek advice on new ventures and challenges after retirement. Highly regarded leaders and role models often credit Soder—“my rapid ascent started with her assessment.” We have helped leaders at all stages, all industries, and ages. 


Designed to Meet Different Purposes


Top consultants, bankers, and lawyers often use the CEO Assessment to gain a competitive edge. New and aspiring chief executives applaud it as "accurate, enlightening and immensely helpful" and "timeless." Boards and private equity firms utilize the CEO Assessment to evaluate potential candidates, privately help with issues and to determine if a current CEO should continue in the position.   Our research on the “early warning signs” is recognized as ground-breaking and hailed by leading governance groups. Our size ensures utmost discretion.  


After years of research, testing, and interviews, including studies from our many returning clients, we recently achieved a major break-through and can now precisely measure formerly elusive traits and the key variables impacting them. Thus a top executive's integrity, ability to manage in ambiguity, and risk profile can be accurately ascertained. Designed for times when a firm or board needs to go beyond the usual selection and evaluation methods, the Optimal CEO DiagnostiX©, is the latest in executive assessment. 

Call (212) 554-4990 to learn more about this extraordinary asessment and others. Confirm the next step - and the one after that - is the right one. There are times-for a company or a leader-that they can’t afford to be wrong. Four years of additional research and interviews with clients, colleagues, and thought leaders achieved the Optimal CEO DiagnostiX – generally not needed, but when it is, call!

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