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Dr. Dee A. Soder 

Founding and Managing Partner


Dr. Soder has been one of the nation’s leading advisors to top executives, companies, and boards for decades. Deemed “the country’s foremost assessment expert,” “CEO’s consigliere,” ”legendary advisor,” and “clairvoyant” by WSJ, Fortune, CNN, CBS Marketwatch, NPR and others, Soder smoothly combines psychological acumen, business savvy, testing expertise, and common sense. She saw the need for a service combining

business and psychology in 1986, starting an assessment and advisory firm to fill the void. In the process, she pioneered a new industry, executive coaching. 


At the forefront of CEO advice, assessment, diversity, governance issues and coaching young achievers, Soder is typically a step ahead. Despite numerous “firsts” and awards, she is constantly learning. Like her clients, Soder continues to improve, refine and innovate. Over 90% of her firm’s business is referral-based due to her commitment to results, confidentiality, and clients.


As CEO Perspective Group founder, Soder advises top management and Boards on a wide range of issues. For over 30 years Boards and private equity firms have asked Soder to conduct highly sensitive assessments to determine whether to hire or keep chief executives. Clients include corporations, private equity firms, investment banks and non-profits, as well as highly successful individuals—the leaders in every field.


Soder's career has numerous "firsts." She was a Vice President at Prudential early in her career; led a key President's Reorganization Project for the White House; was Staffing Director for the District of Columbia; a chief of the D.C. Police Department; and one of the first female partners at Rohrer, Hibler, and Replogle. While Senior Research Psychologist for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, she led federal efforts to ensure legal, valid tests, co-founded the highly regarded Personnel Testing Council, and advised Justice and State Departments on testing practices and remedies. 

Soder’s ability to translate her extensive technical background into practical results has frequently resulted in awards including commendations from President Carter, the District of Columbia,  New York City Police Department, and plaudits from the Brookings Institution, Chase, American Medical Association, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NACD, Directors & Boards and cited by Gotham Magazine as Top Executive Coach in NYC. She was honored at Carnegie Hall by the ABC Competition for her support of the arts and business. In 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 the firm was selected as Best for CEO Evaluation and Coaching, USA by International Wealth & Money Magazine—a "category killer" as one person noted.

An Economics Club of NY member since 1990, she is also a lifetime member of the American Psychological Association (former ethics committee member.) To avoid conflicts Soder is a nonprofit board director, helping to advance women, ensure reproductive rights, aid law enforcement and service dogs. Her board work at RespectAbility is helping to eliminate stigmas and challenges for the disabled. One of three people recognized in the Labor Department's initial Glass Ceiling report she has been honored many times for her work helping women further excel. Fascinated by forensic psychology, much of her education and early work was in law enforcement. Soder’s advice to leaders was featured after September 11 and still used during volatile times. She has given numerous keynotes on leadership, stress and corporate governance, as well as quoted hundreds of times by major media.

Her articles and research on CEO assessment have received considerable acclaim from professional associations, governance experts, and key business leaders. Her "Early Warning Signs©" was selected for the 25th, 30 and 35th Anniversary Editions of D&B, and "CEO Selection and Evaluation Today: What Directors Say" was a requested lead article by NACD (comprehensive study  republished in 2012.) A psychometrist by education and puzzle-lover by personality,while still in school she developed an accurate juror selection system, predicted a nursing strike a month in advance, matched clients and partners for a major law firm (model still used today), and helped ensure a winning football team.  Plus one of two psychologists for EEOC who determined validity of personnel practices nationwide. Later she authored two books on technical and legal aspects of testing and personnel.

Attending graduate school at night, Soder is a Phi Beta Kappa and earned a B.S. with Special Distinction, M.S. and PhD in Psychology, with an emphasis on industrial and legal applications, from the University of Oklahoma, as well as post-doctoral work in assessment and forensic psychology from George Washington University plus clinical coursework. 

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